Wednesday, 23 July 2008

I'm back, I'm bad and I'm fatter than ever!

Where to start? It's been such a long time friends and I have neglected to keep you up to date with my Scottish naughtyness. Please forgive me.


Whilst Mum was away over christmas we had to go to prison cos Dad had to go to see his mum and dad and there was no room for us in Essex! Then when she came back she was mad cos I had been running wild on the rough shoot and having too much fun with Daddy! Straight back to training and boring stuff like pointing and working tests. Zala almost got a grading at the Bracco Italiano Pointing test (See her picture in the recent HVS newsletter) Unfortunatly though she did not acknowledge the grouse well enough when it was flushed. Here she is below fast running.

During all this I got fat! I think I just grew into myself and I was on a high protein Skinners performance food and all of a sudden just looked much healthier and had even more energy! Woo Hoo!!

I write to you whilst recovering from the worst kind of fast running injury........I have a hurty paw.

I went lame shortly before a working test but then was ok. We went on holiday, came back, still had a lump between my toes, so went back to the vet and they took a one and a half cm piece of stick out of my foot. How cool is that I am totaly the centre of attention at the moment. Plus at the working test Mum was really pleased cos I did good and didn't mess about too much.

Look, fast running and retrieving can be done, who would have thought working was fun!?

In addition to all of this Zala and I have been doing agility for a couple of months now and its great. We do jumping, the walk way, tunnels, the A-frame, the tyre and have just started the weaves. Even Zala likes it and she hates running and jumping normaly!

Gosh, after all that I'm very sleepy. I still have lots more to tell you all but will wait till next time.
Tune in again for; My poorly shakey head, holiday fun, Fergus gets a little sister and my sisters still a grumpy moo!