Thursday, 6 November 2008

Stitches again and it's all Mums fault!

Well, usually its my fault that I'm in the vets with stitches but this time Mum sent me in and it wasn't even my fault. Apparently it was to sort out my hormones 'cos I've been having a bit of trouble with my weight, a bit of hair loss and I was producing milk for a while. Anyway here I am looking poorly and going for the obvious sympathy act 'cos there is no way 'she' will let me upstairs to sulk so I have to take over the sofa!Anyway I had to get fixed although I don't recon I was broken but 'she' (not calling her Mum till it stops hurting and the stiches come out next week!), anyway she said I'm not allowed puppies for lots of reasons;
1. You have to be as pretty at Ditto - not skinny with scars like me
2. You have to be as cleaver as Zigana - not silly and mess around as much as me
3. You need the fashion sense of the Red Girls - I dont even have a pretty collar
4. I need to listen to Mummy and not the voices in my head!!!!

On the plus side though, Fergus still loves me although I am bored of being on the lead cos I'm not allowed to play. But we have managed a bit of hunting so far this year.

This is Zala and Daddy with Phil and Chester. I know hes a weimereeeneee but he is very cleaver and last weekend Chester got a certificate of merit in a field trial. Plus Rionach (pronounced Runnach) got 4th in the same trial and she's only 18 months old. What a goodie two shoes!! Well, I still rock at agility and 'she' says I'm not doing too badly on the shoot. Just another week or so and I'll be back to fast running and ignoring Mum.... I mean 'her'.