Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Feeling better

Well I'm back, again! I am feeling so much better and now have a cool scar on my tummy, to add to all the other ones on my legs. (Still can't get the hang of barbed wire.) I'm not into this leg shaving lark though, its such a girly thing. I am sorry that Zala took over my blog whilst I was away, she said she would let you all know what was going on but I didn't expect her to fill it with pictures of herself. She's such a princess!
I have almosed finished my antibiotics and am having my stiches out on Saturday. I'm eating lovely tins of chappie and haven't lost very much weight at all. Mum won't let me off the lead though and I only get short walks with no running or jumping.

Worst of all though is I am missing 2 days beating on grouse this week and dont know if I will be allowed to go next time. Got 2 weeks to get better and Mum said she might take me on the lead if I'm ok. Zala came home and said it was so much fun even she did fast running.
I guess she must have worked very hard 'cos she had to have a snooze at lunch time whilst Fergus spent his lunch break with his head down a hole. Oh he's so cool!!

Well, I will spent my quiet time up dating my blog and finalising my world domination plans. I think that if we all group together we can take down these humans and take over all the kibble and dog toy suppliers. Boys put on your best collars and ladies get your hand bags ready. I will send more details soon.