Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Looking Good

Sometimes a girl needs a good old shake!! Dont you agree??
Daddys got a new camera so now Zala and I look even better, although I think Zalas taken her modeling a bit far with the ear action shot!
But at the end of the day you cant beat a good pose....... you have to look like you know what your doing even if your just trying to impress.
Personally I find the old 'ear radar' works well in finding game.

I am pleased to say that all my scars are healing and I am almost back to fighting fittness. Almost 'cos I am having a bit of a 'hurty paw' relaps after my 'stick in the foot' incident in June. I think I just strained it but there is a bit of a lump and though the x-ray didn't show anything I'm stuck on the lead for 3 whole weeks. Plus my tablets for the swelling make my tummy poorly so Mum stopped giving me them but is threatening to get some others. Boo!!

The worst thing is that I miss 3 weeks of shooting and can't get off the lead untill the Boxing Day shoot. In fact 'cos I've been so accident prone and poorly this year Mum says we will just right off 2008 and see what next year brings. Hopefully more shooting. fast running, working tests and pointing tests. If I stop being rubbish she said we might do a novice field trial but I don't think she is holding out much hope of me behaving!!

All these photos were taken at our shoot weekend at the end of November when we got to stay in a hotel and sleep on the big bed with Mum and Dad. It was so cool and I managed to steal most of Daddys pillow, Oops!

But at the end of the day its nice to get back home and steal Daddys hot water bottle instead!