Thursday, 28 August 2008

Poorly Little Sister

Greetings Bloggers, Zala here...... you know Rez's gorgeous older sister (but not that old!) Anyway Rez can't come to the computer at the moment so here is a picture of me.

Actually she is poorly in the vet at the moment. She had tummy ache on Monday so Mum took her to the vet who gave her an anti sickness and antibiotic jab. She had thrown up lots, (most disgusting) even in the car...... gross. He thought it was a gastritus bug and said to come back in the morning cos he couldn't feel anything in her tummy.

Over night she wasn't any better and even stole my bed to snuggle in. So back to the vet and an x-ray showed she had an obstruction in her lower intestine that needed sorting. So on Tuesday morning she had a seaweed-ectamy. No really it was seaweed from the beach like a week ago!!

She stayed in on Tuesday night and when Dad went to see her she was too poorly to wag her thats bad. On Wednesday she wagged her tail for Mum and hopefully will come home today.

She is such a naughty puppy, she just wants to be like Charlie cos she thinks he's the coolest brother ever. I say she is always attention seeking, I mean she has already had a stick removed from her foot last month. I know she wanted to tell you all about our great holiday to Ullapool and our plans for world domination but perhaps when she is feeling a little better. At least she is a bit fatter these days and more able to cope with not eating much.

I will keep you all posted but until then heres another picture of me!!!