Saturday, 3 November 2007

Got the painters in !!

Gosh what a week. After all that seasoning talk and salt and pepper gossip, I decided that I wanted Dexter to fancy me so I 'did a Ditto' and got my very first season. Mum was over the moon 'cos I'm 13 months old now and she was getting very worried. So I have spent most of the week snuggling up to Mum and generally being needy. The worst thing though is that I thought I would miss lots of rough shooting days but today was the best. I haven't been off the lead all week but on one of today's drives there was just Zala and no boy dogs so I got to work and run and find stuff and everything.

Oh and some silly woman took her dog to Dads work and it had kennel cough so Fergus got it. (His dad works with my dad and sometimes we all go to work together.) Anyway, so I haven't seen him all week and now Mum says I can see him till I'm all better which sucks! Apparently Fergus and I would make good looking puppies but all the funny colours and double the pig headedness would be a bad idea!! Guess Mums still on the look out for that Field Trial Champion to pass my way. (Still love you though Ferg'.)
Ps. Hope this weekends Viz Wizz went ok.