Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Looking Good

Sometimes a girl needs a good old shake!! Dont you agree??
Daddys got a new camera so now Zala and I look even better, although I think Zalas taken her modeling a bit far with the ear action shot!
But at the end of the day you cant beat a good pose....... you have to look like you know what your doing even if your just trying to impress.
Personally I find the old 'ear radar' works well in finding game.

I am pleased to say that all my scars are healing and I am almost back to fighting fittness. Almost 'cos I am having a bit of a 'hurty paw' relaps after my 'stick in the foot' incident in June. I think I just strained it but there is a bit of a lump and though the x-ray didn't show anything I'm stuck on the lead for 3 whole weeks. Plus my tablets for the swelling make my tummy poorly so Mum stopped giving me them but is threatening to get some others. Boo!!

The worst thing is that I miss 3 weeks of shooting and can't get off the lead untill the Boxing Day shoot. In fact 'cos I've been so accident prone and poorly this year Mum says we will just right off 2008 and see what next year brings. Hopefully more shooting. fast running, working tests and pointing tests. If I stop being rubbish she said we might do a novice field trial but I don't think she is holding out much hope of me behaving!!

All these photos were taken at our shoot weekend at the end of November when we got to stay in a hotel and sleep on the big bed with Mum and Dad. It was so cool and I managed to steal most of Daddys pillow, Oops!

But at the end of the day its nice to get back home and steal Daddys hot water bottle instead!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Stitches again and it's all Mums fault!

Well, usually its my fault that I'm in the vets with stitches but this time Mum sent me in and it wasn't even my fault. Apparently it was to sort out my hormones 'cos I've been having a bit of trouble with my weight, a bit of hair loss and I was producing milk for a while. Anyway here I am looking poorly and going for the obvious sympathy act 'cos there is no way 'she' will let me upstairs to sulk so I have to take over the sofa!Anyway I had to get fixed although I don't recon I was broken but 'she' (not calling her Mum till it stops hurting and the stiches come out next week!), anyway she said I'm not allowed puppies for lots of reasons;
1. You have to be as pretty at Ditto - not skinny with scars like me
2. You have to be as cleaver as Zigana - not silly and mess around as much as me
3. You need the fashion sense of the Red Girls - I dont even have a pretty collar
4. I need to listen to Mummy and not the voices in my head!!!!

On the plus side though, Fergus still loves me although I am bored of being on the lead cos I'm not allowed to play. But we have managed a bit of hunting so far this year.

This is Zala and Daddy with Phil and Chester. I know hes a weimereeeneee but he is very cleaver and last weekend Chester got a certificate of merit in a field trial. Plus Rionach (pronounced Runnach) got 4th in the same trial and she's only 18 months old. What a goodie two shoes!! Well, I still rock at agility and 'she' says I'm not doing too badly on the shoot. Just another week or so and I'll be back to fast running and ignoring Mum.... I mean 'her'.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Feeling better

Well I'm back, again! I am feeling so much better and now have a cool scar on my tummy, to add to all the other ones on my legs. (Still can't get the hang of barbed wire.) I'm not into this leg shaving lark though, its such a girly thing. I am sorry that Zala took over my blog whilst I was away, she said she would let you all know what was going on but I didn't expect her to fill it with pictures of herself. She's such a princess!
I have almosed finished my antibiotics and am having my stiches out on Saturday. I'm eating lovely tins of chappie and haven't lost very much weight at all. Mum won't let me off the lead though and I only get short walks with no running or jumping.

Worst of all though is I am missing 2 days beating on grouse this week and dont know if I will be allowed to go next time. Got 2 weeks to get better and Mum said she might take me on the lead if I'm ok. Zala came home and said it was so much fun even she did fast running.
I guess she must have worked very hard 'cos she had to have a snooze at lunch time whilst Fergus spent his lunch break with his head down a hole. Oh he's so cool!!

Well, I will spent my quiet time up dating my blog and finalising my world domination plans. I think that if we all group together we can take down these humans and take over all the kibble and dog toy suppliers. Boys put on your best collars and ladies get your hand bags ready. I will send more details soon.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Poorly Little Sister

Greetings Bloggers, Zala here...... you know Rez's gorgeous older sister (but not that old!) Anyway Rez can't come to the computer at the moment so here is a picture of me.

Actually she is poorly in the vet at the moment. She had tummy ache on Monday so Mum took her to the vet who gave her an anti sickness and antibiotic jab. She had thrown up lots, (most disgusting) even in the car...... gross. He thought it was a gastritus bug and said to come back in the morning cos he couldn't feel anything in her tummy.

Over night she wasn't any better and even stole my bed to snuggle in. So back to the vet and an x-ray showed she had an obstruction in her lower intestine that needed sorting. So on Tuesday morning she had a seaweed-ectamy. No really it was seaweed from the beach like a week ago!!

She stayed in on Tuesday night and when Dad went to see her she was too poorly to wag her thats bad. On Wednesday she wagged her tail for Mum and hopefully will come home today.

She is such a naughty puppy, she just wants to be like Charlie cos she thinks he's the coolest brother ever. I say she is always attention seeking, I mean she has already had a stick removed from her foot last month. I know she wanted to tell you all about our great holiday to Ullapool and our plans for world domination but perhaps when she is feeling a little better. At least she is a bit fatter these days and more able to cope with not eating much.

I will keep you all posted but until then heres another picture of me!!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

I'm back, I'm bad and I'm fatter than ever!

Where to start? It's been such a long time friends and I have neglected to keep you up to date with my Scottish naughtyness. Please forgive me.


Whilst Mum was away over christmas we had to go to prison cos Dad had to go to see his mum and dad and there was no room for us in Essex! Then when she came back she was mad cos I had been running wild on the rough shoot and having too much fun with Daddy! Straight back to training and boring stuff like pointing and working tests. Zala almost got a grading at the Bracco Italiano Pointing test (See her picture in the recent HVS newsletter) Unfortunatly though she did not acknowledge the grouse well enough when it was flushed. Here she is below fast running.

During all this I got fat! I think I just grew into myself and I was on a high protein Skinners performance food and all of a sudden just looked much healthier and had even more energy! Woo Hoo!!

I write to you whilst recovering from the worst kind of fast running injury........I have a hurty paw.

I went lame shortly before a working test but then was ok. We went on holiday, came back, still had a lump between my toes, so went back to the vet and they took a one and a half cm piece of stick out of my foot. How cool is that I am totaly the centre of attention at the moment. Plus at the working test Mum was really pleased cos I did good and didn't mess about too much.

Look, fast running and retrieving can be done, who would have thought working was fun!?

In addition to all of this Zala and I have been doing agility for a couple of months now and its great. We do jumping, the walk way, tunnels, the A-frame, the tyre and have just started the weaves. Even Zala likes it and she hates running and jumping normaly!

Gosh, after all that I'm very sleepy. I still have lots more to tell you all but will wait till next time.
Tune in again for; My poorly shakey head, holiday fun, Fergus gets a little sister and my sisters still a grumpy moo!