Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Happy Halloween

I wanted to dress up as a princess but Mum said I had to be a vampire!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Busy Week

Wowee I've been busy this week. Last Saturday we went hunting with some other doggies but I had to stay on the long lead cos I still get a bit excited. But I found a pheasant that tried to run away before Zala found it, ha ha big sis! Plus I got to watch Fergus run around all day but he was busy and didn't want to play. The other doggies were silly labs and Fergus told me not to talk to them cos he's a dog snob and only talks to HPRs.
(Thats me on the right playing hard to get!!)

I had to go to work with mum which was great cos there are lots of people to play with and when Zala is there we run round a big table playing and knock over all the humans that stand in the way! There is also a hoover like mums but lady who brought it didn't know how to play properly so I had to go outside for some training cos I keep dropping my retrieves.

Went walking as well and mum let me have a little run but she kept putting me on the lead which spoils all the fun, mums can be rubbish sometimes! We all jumped in the muddy burn and got filthy feet splashing around. I like to eat the soggy grass whilst having a drink, gives it a lovely flavour. But mum says that when i come out all covered in muddy water and grass I look like a neglected junk yard dog. Which sounds like fun!

Zala got stuck climbing out I think its cos she's a bit old. She's nearly 3 you know.


Friday, 12 October 2007

Friday Fun!

Daddy, Daddy, just throw the ball

Woo Hoo!!! I got it......

Awwgh, I lost it....

Ohh, Zala always picks on me.

Monday, 8 October 2007

This I Fergus my boyfriend, he's soooooooooo cool and lots of fun!
His mummy and mine walk us all together some lunchtimes.

Time to introduce myself properly

My real name is Gunfield Mitikus Andromeda (Daddy says my head is up in the stars most of the time). But they call me Rez at home and Rez-ident Evil at mums work! I am just one year old and live in Scotland with my big sister Zala. She is almost 3 and we have the same daddy but different mums. She is really boring and doesnt run around enough, I love fast running and do it all the time with my boy friend Fergus. He is a big 2yr old GSP and used to be Zalas boyfriend but I stole him .... Oops!

Zala and I go to obedience class once a week and gundog training once a month. We train lots which is sometimes fun but lots of sitting and waiting for your turn. This time of year is great though cos Mum and Dad take us shooting but I'm not allowed to hunt too much cos I tend to spoil it for everyone else! But I'm learning and will be better when I stop chasing stuff, but I have to say..... Zala started it!!

I hope you like the pictures of us

Monday, 1 October 2007

Rez the vizsla launches on-line

Welcome to my blog, I am very pleased to meet you.